Elevating High Line Living: The Frozen Tundra Design Delight

In the heart of the concrete jungle that is New York City, where innovation meets sophistication, Surfalite takes center stage, transforming interior design possibilities. The High Line, renowned for its elevated views of the urban oasis, becomes an even more enchanting space with the creative application of Surfalite’s Frozen Tundra, boasting the unparalleled thinness of 7MM.

What sets Surfalite apart from its bulkier 2cm and 3cm counterparts, is its remarkable thinness, unlocking a realm of creative possibilities without the constraints of invasive installations or concerns about excessive weight. It’s a canvas for new innovations in interior design, and nowhere is this more evident than in the living room of a High Line apartment.

The light accent wall adorned with Frozen Tundra 7MM slabs, creates a stunning contrast against a regal purple terrazzo floor. The designer behind this masterpiece didn’t stop there. Harnessing the power of Surfalite’s thinness, they extended the Frozen Tundra theme to include a matching credenza and coffee table, seamlessly wrapping the entire design in a bow of cohesive elegance.

The Frozen Tundra color palette, with its cool, crisp tones, breathes life into the living room, enhancing the sense of space and modernity. Surfalite’s thin profile not only allows for these striking design elements but also ensures a hassle-free installation process, contributing to the overall ease and grace of the transformation.

It’s more than a living room; it’s a testament to the boundless creativity that 7MM unleashes. The High Line apartment living room becomes a sanctuary of design, where every detail, from the accent wall to the credenza and coffee table, tells a story of innovation and style.

As Surfalite continues to redefine the possibilities of interior design, spaces like the High Line apartment living room stand as living proof of the extraordinary elegance that can be achieved with this advanced surface.