In Praise of Lightness: The Surfalite Revolution

With an extraordinary thinness of just 7MM, Surfalite powerfully exemplifies the revolutionary legacy of Santamargherita, a company with a lengthy history of pushing boundaries in the high quality marble and stone agglomerate surface industries through its unmatched attention to market demands.

Notably thin and lightweight, the advanced surface is a sophisticated and innovative design tool, a revolutionary creation with everything it takes to shake up an industry that for decades has been limited to the production of 2 and 3 cm slabs. Surfalite’s 7MM thinness, its large format (330×165 cm) and its remarkably light weight (17 kg per square meter) promise to give new creative opportunities to planners and designers, opening the door to infinite possibilities of use.

Santamargherita’s Surfalite slabs, composed of high-quality minerals, can be used for cladding and surfaces. Lightweight and versatile, they can also be applied to existing surfaces for a non-invasive renew of appearance.

Kitchens and kitchen backsplashes, basins, shower wall cladding, flooring and furnishing accessories: the range of Surfalite’s applications is broader than 2 and 3 cm slabs has ever been. From residential buildings to public spaces and facilities, every environment can benefit from the unprecedented combination of luxurious finishes and lightweight materials offered by the innovative surface.

Surfalite maintains all the technical characteristics that have made Santamargherita’s marble and stone agglomerate surfaces world-famous: scratch, impact and acid-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and long-lasting. What’s more, Surfalite offers the convenience of a lightweight and easy-to-handle product that gives it unquestionable advantages in terms of logistics.

An elegant and sophisticated solution for all environments, it is available in a range of innovative colors and two different finishes.